Early Surrey occurrences of the Constable name (Prior to Parish Registers)

1248 Richard le Constable of Guildford

Richard le Constable, head of a family of freeholders prominent in the Guildford district, fails in an assize of mort d'ancestor against Joel de St German over a moiety of 4 acres of meadow at Send. He succeeds in an action of entry over another 2 acres there. (introduction to the 1325 Surrey Eyre, Surrey Record Society, Vol 1, p 237, Guildford, 1979)

1309 Peter le Constable of Guildford

Licence, upon fine, for the alienation of a mortmain by Master Peter le Constable of Gildeford to the abbot and convent of Waverley. (Calendar of Patent Rolls.

1318 Thomas le Constable of Guildford

In 1317 Richard de Wauncey, rector of St. Nicholas, had rebuilt the chapel [St Katherine on Drakhull / St Catherine's Hill] and received licence for its consecration after rebuilding. He had bought it and the neighbouring ground from the holders of the manor of Artington before 1301. Andrew Braboeuf granted by charter to Richard de Wauncey, rector of St. Nicholas, and his successors, all his rights on Drake Hill and in the chapel of St. Catherine. But in 1317 the king appointed Robert de Kyrkeby to the chapel of Artington, belonging to the king because the lands of John the Marshal were in the king's hands. The rector's grant had been annulled, and in 1318 the chapel was granted to Richard le Constable, chaplain to the king and rector of St. Mary's, Guildford. But in 1328 Bernard Brocas, rector of St. Nicholas, received a grant of the chapel, and the apparently delayed consecration was carried out in spite of the remonstrance of Constable. The chapel was valuable because attached to it was the right of holding a fair on St. Matthew's Day, and receiving the tolls (Victoia County History, found at

1325 Thomas le Constable of Guildford

Thomas le Constable, parson of the church of Our Lady of Guildford, petitions the King for the return of the chapel of St Katherine on Drakhull [St Catherine's Hill] for his maintenance. (Public Record Office / National Archives Ref SC/8/14/664 image 7)

1386 "Constable Place, Guildford"

The said Walter [Colas] [...] died without heir of himself. He held the under-mentioned messuages of the king in chief by service of 19d. yearly at Hilary. Parish of Holy Trinity, Gildeford. A messuage at 'Stoke Lane Ende', formerly of Walter Wodelond; a messuage opposite the above messuage, in which Robert Patrik now dwells; and a messuage called 'Constable Place'. (M. C. B. Dawes, M. R. Devine, H. E. Jones and M. J. Post, 'Inquisitions Post Mortem, Richard II, File 48', in Calendar of Inquisitions Post Mortem: Volume 16, Richard II (London, 1974), pp. 172-192. British History Online

1433 Robert Constable of Walton-on-Thames

The estate formerly called ASSHLEES, now known as ASHLEY PARK, was in 1433 in the hands of Joan widow of Robert Constable, who held it of the Crown. From her it descended to her son William Constable. (Victoria County History)

1512 Robert Constable of Chiddingfold

A Robert Constable is witness to the will of Alice Alborowght of Chiddingfold ([Archdeaconry Court of Surrey DW/PA/7/2 ff.93v-94r])