A study of the Constable name under the auspices of the Guild of One Name Studies

The object of the Guild of One Name Studies is, for a given surname registered with the Guild, to record all occurrences thereof, historically and currently, world-wide.

This website's author takes on the task in the knowledge that personally achieving the stated aim is highly unlikely, but in the spirit of optimism general amongst amateur genealogists.

Someone has to start somewhere. In this case, the somewhere is Surrey, England.

In these pages, what the Guild terms deviants (Counstable, Connestabel, Constabell, Cunstabel, etc.) and what are found to be mistranscriptions in indexing (Gounstable, Bastable, etc.) have been replaced with Constable, as there are now few if any variants of this surname.


Current frequency of the name in Great Britain: 4048, in Ireland 61.   In the 1881 Great Britain census: 3300, mainly in SE England

Constable descent from John Constable (b.c.1540 - d.1595) of Newdigate, Surrey to website author

Family tree of website author (work in progress...)

Early Surrey occurrences of the Constable name (prior to Parish Registers)

The Heralds' Visitations: Constable Pedigrees and occurrences on others' pedigrees

Constable entries in Surrey Parish Registers 1540-1811