The Heralds' Visitations: Constable Pedigrees and occurrences on others' pedigrees

Taken from the Heraldic Visitations as published by the Surtees Society and reproduced on (UK Genealogy Archives)

Yorkshire 1665-66     Constable

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Hampshire 1539, 1575, 1622-34 43 51 Dabridgecourt Sir Robert Constable of Newark in Nottinghamshire
Cheshire 1580 63 77 Cholmondeley Katherine daughter to Sir John Constable
Kent 1619 169 178 Barnham Lady Dorothea Barnham wife of Sir John Constable. [One of Dorothea's sisters, Alice, was the wife of Francis Bacon, Baron Verulam, Chancellor of England.]
Kent 1619 119 128 Tufton Mary Tufton betrothed to Sir Henry Constable of Constable Burton in the County of York
Kent 1619 84 93 Roper of Well Hall Mary daughter of Sir William Roper married Phillip Constable of Everingham in Yorkshire
Shropshire 1623 18 64 Astley of Pateshull and Aston Edith (married Thomas of Astley slain at the Battle of Evesham 49 H 3) sister and coheiress to Robert Constable of Melton
Shropshire 1623 31 77 Barkley of Planches, Bradley, Ewdness, Clungunford, Lea Hall and Stoke Thomas Lord Barkley died 24 H 8 married Eleanor daughter to Sir Marmaduke Constable Knight widow to John Ingoldsby
Buckingham 1634 41 57 Dormer of>Shipton Lee Sir Henry Constable son and heir of Sir John of Holderness County York married Margaret Dormer
Warwick 1619 15 35 Griffith Anne daughter of Sir Robert Constable of>Flamborough Knight married (1) Sir Walter Griffith Knight and (2) Sir Jervice Clifton Knight
Warwick 1619 47 67 Dabridgcourt Christiana Dabredgcourt wife of Anthony Fosterd de Newark in county Nottingham, later (wife of) Robert Constable
Warwick 1619 133 153 Forster Christiana daughter of John Dabredgcourt wife of Anthony Foster, later wife of Robert Constable
Bedfordshire 1566, 1582 and 1634 75 91 Anderson of Eyworth Edmund Anderson of Strattond Eworth Esq Anno 1634 married Alice daughter and sole heir of Sir John Conestable Knight
Bedfordshire 1566, 1582 and 1634 173 189 Gascoigne of Cardington Daughter of William Gascoigne married Sir Robert Constable
Hertfordshire 1572 and 1634 160 168 Puckering of Weston Sir Robert Constable, Knight married Agnes daughter of Roger Wentworth, had sons Sir William Constable of Waston [Wassand in Holderness] and Sir Marmaduke Constable. Sir William Constable's daughter Ellen married John Ashton, and her grandson was Sir John Puckering, Lord Keeper of the Great Seal of England, died 1596
Nottinghamshire 1569 and 1614 14 24 Hercye Sir John Constable Knight first husband of Catherine daughter of Sir Thomas Cumberfford Knight and had son Sir Marmaduke Constable Knight
Nottinghamshire 1569 and 1614 16 26 Clifton Clifton Arms include Quarterly, gules and vair, a bend or: Constable
Nottinghamshire 1569 and 1614 17 27 Clifton Sir Walter Griffith Knight married Anne Constable daughter of Sir Robert Constable Knight; Anne’s second husband was Sir Gervase Clifton Knight Treasurer of Callais 1482, who later married Alice, daughter of Thomas Nevell of Roleston
Nottinghamshire 1569 and 1614 18 28 Clifton Anne daughter and coheir of Sir John Constable of Kenalton county Nottingham, second wife of Sir Anthony Thorold of Marston in county Lincoln
Nottinghamshire 1569 and 1614 38 48 Dabridgcourt Christiana daughter of John Dabridgcourt of Longdon in county Warwick married (2) Sir Robert Constable of Newark in county Nottingham
Nottinghamshire 1569 and 1614 40 50 Constable See Pedigree Constable Nottinghamshire
Nottinghamshire 1569 and 1614 57 67 Lascells Sir Raffe Lascells Knight married Maud daughter of Sir …. Constable Knight
Nottinghamshire 1569 and 1614 >58 68 Lascells Alice Lascells daughter and coheir of Sir John de Lascells Knight 10 E 1 married Robert Constable
Nottinghamshire 1569 and 1614 172 182 Bevercotts William Constable 4th son of Sir Maramduke Constable of Flamborough married Jane Sotehill. 7 children: Anne Constable married (1) George Babington (2) Anthony Thorold Esq. John Constable died young. Elizabeth Constable married and ob.s.p. Catherine ob.s.p. William died young. Marmaduuke ob. young. Scissely daughter and coheir married William Bevercotts